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Campus Reach & Throwback Thursday


My name is Emily Steinway, and I am currently a student at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Leisure, Sport & Tourism Studies. I was recently discharged from the U.S. Navy after four years of service. While in the military, I was an Interior Communications Electrician stationed onboard the USS Frank Cable that was home ported in Guam. 


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I am originally from Elgin, Ill., but after the service I chose to attend school here in Tennessee.  While in the military, I was able to travel to different countries in Asia and the Middle East. I enjoyed traveling, experiencing other cultures, and meeting people. My Grandpa, Dad, and brother were all in the military, and they truly inspired me to serve my country. It was such a rewarding—yet challenging—experience. Being on the opposite side of the world from my family was hard, and I was only able to see them about two times a year.   



After the military, I started going to school and was once again away from my loved ones. It was hard to imagine being away from home again during the holidays.  Little did I know, Southwest’s Campus Reach Team had reached out to a few universities across the country, and utilized their close partnerships to collect nominations for students who deserved a trip home for the holidays. I had no idea that one of my Career Services’ advisors submitted my name, and my story! Southwest Airlines and the Campus Reach Team surprised me with a round-trip ticket, and the chance to see my family meant so much to me—I greatly appreciated the opportunity to spend the holiday with my family.  Thank you, Southwest, for this amazing experience.