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Campus Reach is Going “Miles”

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My Southwest career started only three months ago. As an Employment Intern on the Campus Reach Team in the People Department, I act as a liaison between the Campus Reach Team and all 104 spring Interns. Whether it’s planning a Fun-LUVing event, setting up Intern mock interviews, or creating the Intern monthly newsletter, I help ensure this semester is the best one yet. I feel beyond lucky to be in this role because I am extremely passionate about the Campus Reach Program and making sure that all Interns get the most out of their internships. As Interns, we have a common goal of growing and learning in our individual roles, but it’s up to each of us to make our Internship all that we want it to be. With the size of our Internship classes growing from semester to semester, I thought it would be a good idea to find a unique way to connect all of the Interns. I wanted to show off our amazing internship experiences, as well as connect us through the fun events and experiences that are essential to our Culture. However, what started off as a side project to connect us evolved into a fun way of showing the world our Fun-LUVing spirit. Meet Miles.  While he's  a plane-shaped, plush toy, each week a different Intern travels with Miles to introduce him to a “day in the life” of a Southwest Intern. He has visited departments Companywide including  Flight Ops, Supply Chain Management, and People. Miles also made appearances at some great Southwest Employee events: He got a pep talk from our CEO, President, and Chairman Gary Kelly at the annual Dallas Rally, and attended the 43rd and Last Chili Cookoff as well as a Deck Party or two at the Southwest Headquarters. Because Miles embodies Southwest’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality, he enjoys weekend travel from coast to coast. He’s been across the country--from L.A. and San Francisco to Denver and Chicago … and even Puerto Rico! Miles sure is a frequent flyer! alamo As we get closer to the end of our Internships, it's fun to look back and see what we as a class have accomplished and the places we've traveled to. With our time left at Southwest, it will be exciting to see where Miles (and our Interns) end up!