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Cargo Brings Home Some Hardware!

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There are times when work isn’t fun. That’s not exactly headline news, we know. But on the flip side, it’s great when you wind up working with people who: 

1)     Know what they’re doing

2)     Smile while they’re doing it

That’s been our experience with everybody at Southwest Airlines. Partnering with Southwest is a bonus situation – you get some of the best, hardest working minds in the business, and at the same time, work becomes a lot more pleasant.  
Let’s be clear though: The “fun factor” has very little to do with the recent award we gave Southwest. That award, honoring the Network Global Logistics (NGL) Air Cargo Partner of the Year, was based on quantifiable excellence: on-time performance, lost shipments per 1,000, overall customer service carrier costs per pound, and other metrics. 
Using those measurements, it’s clear that Southwest is an organization focused on excellence. Every Southwest Employee we’ve encountered strives to go above and beyond. That’s an attitude we respect, because it’s also what we strive for in the culture of our organization. NGL pioneered the next-flight-out business, and it continues its leadership today in logistics and transportation in large part because of our culture of continuous improvement and customer service. Maybe that’s why NGL and Southwest work together so well: Our cultures are complementary.  
But beyond that is the “x factor” – the smile factor.  That counts for a lot too, and while we didn’t quantify that in the award, we wanted to express our sincere appreciation in this blog for the cheerful hard work from every Employee at Southwest.


Bill Hale and the crew at NGL