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Cargo Customers have FUN at Schlafly Stout & Oyster Festival

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Schlafly Beer set a record at this year’s Stout and Oyster Festival, held in St. Louis March 9-10: 15,000 oysters shucked within the first night!  As a sponsor of the two-day festival, Southwest Airlines Cargo shares the passion for speed and efficiency.  More than 30,000 oysters were shipped in for the event, and thanks to the Cargo, Ramp, and Operations Employees who provide efficient same-day service, they arrived fresh and ready to be shucked.  In coordination with the primary suppliers for the festival, Penn Cove Shellfish Co. and American Mussel Harvesters, Schlafly works with the farmers in their supply chains to feature seven different oyster varieties at the festival.  Through our sponsorship, Southwest Airlines also flies in oyster shuckers from across the U.S. to work the event. 


After indulging in oysters, festival-goers enjoyed watching the Speed Shucking contest featuring the 2008 World Champions Chopper Young and Trace Hundertmark.  Interested in who displays the best speed and accuracy?  Check it out the video to see who came out on top!

Similar to Southwest Airlines, Schlafly Beer empowers their Employees to play an active role in the company’s success while making sure they have FUN doing so. During the two-day festival, Schlafly WOWed more than 5,000 Schlafly Tap Room visitors with their deliciously fresh brewed beers, including: Pale Ale, Dry Hopped APA, Hefeweizen, Kolsch, Oatmeal Stout, and Pilsner, to name a few.  Schlafly brewers can dream up their own unique recipes that are LUVed by the Tap Room visitors.  The Schlafly crew is engaged in a FUN Culture and at the festival’s VIP event on March 8, the crew had a great time with the Cargo Customers and Employees we hosted at the event who enjoyed oysters, beer tasting, and an educational tour of the Tap Room.

Brewery Tour

The next time you are traveling to STL, take the time to visit the Schlafly Tap Room or Schlafly Bottleworks.  Check out a few of their upcoming events, including “The Repeal of Prohibition Beer Festival” on April 14, where Schlafly serves their own list of beers brewed in St. Louis and brings in beers brewed in another state, not available in the St. Louis market.  This year, brewers from Texas will join in the festivities.  In October, Schlafly will benefit from Southwest’s same-day Cargo service again, when we fly in freshly picked hops from Portland (PDX) to STL for their “Fresh Hop Beer Festival.” 

If you are interested in tasting Schlafly beers, the beers are available in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, the DC Metro Area, and Illinois (excluding Chicago).  Visit to learn about their beer selection, and be sure to discuss your favorite tastes and styles or the events you attend by connecting with Schlafly on Twitter or Facebook