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Celebrate Mother’s Day in a Greener Way

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, you may be putting the finishing touches on creative gift ideas.

This weekend, you can treat both your mother and Mother Earth with some of these green ideas:
·         Use a green filter on your gift ideas. There are tons of retailers who specialize in sustainable and organic gift ideas, offering a wide variety of products from kitchen items to edibles and personal care items. The Daily Green offers some really great options that Mom is sure to love.
·         Give mom the gift of a garden. Collect seed packets or purchase a small plant that she can continue to nurture. At Southwest Airlines, we enjoy the gift of gardening at our Headquarters campus.  In fact, we have our very own community garden where various Employee groups adopt planting boxes and help tend to the garden.  With our successful harvest last year, we were able to make 14 trips with donations to the local food bank.
Earth Day
·         Consider sending an e-card, that way you can save paper. If your mother prefers a greeting card sent through the mail, be sure to check that the card is made from recycled paper. Also, remember to keep recycling in mind when you wrap your gift.  Here are just a few tips:
·         Consider using reusable gift bags—these are available in a variety of styles and can even be found at your favorite grocery store. 
·         Make the wrapping be part of the gift: a scarf tied neatly around your gift makes two gifts in one!
·         Have any old road maps lying around?  Use one as gift wrap and think about enclosing a travel journal or gift card (southwestgiftcard perhaps?) that your mother could use on a trip.
What other ways do you celebrate mom while living green? Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing  DING!  You are now free to be green!