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Celebrate Your Mom


As many of you know, we love celebrating around here at Southwest Airlines, and this is the time of year to Celebrate Moms.  We’ve partnered with Disney and Macy’s to send 51 deserving Moms on a coast-to-coast celebration that includes royal treatment from Disney.  To enter and learn more, go to  As a mom myself of three awesome kids, many of our joyous vacations have been to Disney so would someone please tell my husband and kids to enter this contest? 


Explorer A
I was planning on flying Southwest to see my mother for mothers day but your price was over $100 more than several other airlines so I'm flying on someone else. I'm also looking at 6 more flights before the end of the year and Southwest isn't even close to being the least expensive on any of them (one flight is $438 on Southwest and Airtran is $140.) I don't mind paying $10 or $20 more to fly Southwest over some of the other airlines but $300 more is crazy. If you want people to fly Southwest, please offer competitive pricing.
Explorer A
I agree with the previous poster. I'm looking at flying from MSP > BWI on Oct 9 and returning on Oct 12 for a wedding. Southwest is $340 and Airtran is $145. Northwest is $299 non-stop so why would I pay extra to switch planes? What happened to the Southwest low prices we all used to love?
Explorer C
why Southwest doesn't answer???
Frequent Flyer B
Dear cotehernandez - I apologize for the delay. I'm looking in to the matter and will get back to you shortly. Please standby. Thank you, Paula Berg Southwest Airlines