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Celebrating One Year of Southwest's Bold, New Look


It’s 9:29 a.m. on September 8, 2014.  Hanger 5 at Southwest Dallas Maintenance is filled with Employees smiling, hugging—the air is thick with excitement.  The lights dim and darkness prevails.  Suddenly, the entire expanse of the Hanger Wall 5 comes alive: fast-moving images, bright lights, red and blue swooshes then our bold new livery appears along with our epic, iconic Heart.  Hello, Heart One and our new Visual Identity! Looking back at this great day is an amazing memory for us all. What a whirlwind year has followed this incredible launch.  Let’s look at some of the many highlights of our launch year:
  • One of the major milestones after launch was the kick-off to design our new Employee Uniform.  A Uniform Council (aka Designers!) comprising 43 Employees from Ground Ops, Inflight, Provisioning, and Tech Ops volunteered to create an exciting new Southwest Uniform.  The result, as revealed to Employees two weeks ago, is a fresh, modern, colorful collection instantly identifiable as Southwest, with the pops of bold blue and red Brand colors.  With the wear testing officially underway, we can’t wait to see the final Uniform reveal in mid-2016, followed by a 2017 rollout to Employees.
  • In April, the Company delivered the first new Specialty Plane to enter our fleet with the new Heart livery.  Hello, Missouri One!   With an artist’s rendition of the Missouri State flag emblazoned on its side, our new Specialty aircraft looked striking and received much happy chatter from our Employees and Customers.  A terrific reveal!
  • Momentum continued into May with our Operations and Communications Teams launching our New Seat, due to enter our fleet in 2016.  The new seat launches in bold blue and comes with cool, unique features such as adjustable headrests—it will be the widest economy seat in the 737 Market.  Hello to even more Customer comfort!
  • Most exciting as we look ahead to the end of this year, our new look begins to enter the Customer inflight experience, with the introduction of a silver laminate wall on the bulkhead—the perfect backdrop for our epic Heart symbol.  Early next year, Technical Operations will start to launch the new bold blue Evolve seats, bringing to life our entire Heart inflight experience.
It’s been a thrilling, adrenaline-driving year and the reward of seeing our Heart Visual Identity come alive makes us all smile more every day.  Happy First Birthday to our epic Heart!