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Celebrating Our People: National Disability Employment Awareness Month


At Southwest Airlines, we’re celebrating our cultural, heritage, and pride months this year by focusing on the diverse partnerships and programs that help accelerate social, environmental, and economic advancement in our communities.


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come at Southwest—and as a community—advancing inclusion for people with disabilities. We’re passionate about creating awareness and acceptance of individuals with disabilities because disability awareness and education are integral to what we do across the Company.


Southwest Airlines has an Accommodations Team that primarily focuses on supporting Candidates during the hiring process and Employees year-round so they can bring their whole self to work each day and succeed in their roles. We’re committed to helping individuals with disabilities participate in the workforce and ensuring equal opportunity to apply and compete for jobs. This Team also works directly with Employees who may need reasonable accommodations, and they serve as a resource regarding disability best practices.


Molly, Lauren’s trained medical service dog, on a flight.Molly, Lauren’s trained medical service dog, on a flight.Lauren B., Customer Support & Services Representative, connected with the Accommodations Team seeking her trained medical service dog, Molly, to join her at in-person Company events. After following the appropriate channels, she received approval for the accommodation, making Molly one of our cutest Cohearts! Molly and Lauren captured this fun photo with Absence Management Manager Anne H., the assigned Accommodations Case Manager who worked with them on this accommodation, while attending the Inclusion Summit in-person. The purpose of the Inclusion Summit is to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion acumen; foster a sense of belonging; and build authentic relationships. 


Molly, Lauren, and Anne meeting at the Inclusion SummitMolly, Lauren, and Anne meeting at the Inclusion SummitWe’re excited to recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month and celebrate our incredible Employees at Southwest Airlines!