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Celebrating our Aircraft Maintenance Technicians on AMT Day


Today is a special day to me because it recognizes the incredible contributions of Aircraft Mechanics to our industry, and I’m grateful for our Southwest Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) specifically. Our AMTs’ unwavering commitment to our Customers and their Safety makes each flight possible.


Southwest Airlines Mechanic Checking Aircraft Tire.jpg


We celebrate National Aircraft Maintenance Technician Day on May 24 because this date honors the birthday of Charles E. Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight who served as the Wright brothers' mechanic. He’s credited for designing and building the engine for their first successful aircraft. In short, Taylor created the wind beneath the Wright brothers' wings. While we’re thankful for our Mechanics every single day, we take today to honor the unsung heroes that make every Southwest flight possible with their behind-the-scenes work.


Charles Taylor’s immeasurable contributions also led to the creation of the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. The award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of experienced mechanics. For eligibility, nominees must meet a variety of qualifications, including 50 or more years of civil and military maintenance experience. I’m proud to share that many Southwest Employees received this award throughout the years, including two current Employees and recipients this year. What an outstanding accomplishment!


Southwest Airlines Mechanics Performing Aircraft Maintenance.JPG


Each day, our Employees and hundreds of thousands of Passengers board our aircraft, and simply put, we couldn’t have the airline we operate without our Mechanics. Although every Southwest Employee plays a role in the Safety of our operation in different ways, our Mechanics and Inspectors provide a direct line of responsibility because they maintain the Safety of our aircraft.


Curious how an engine works? Our Technical Operations Department works up close and personal with our aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Nikki S., shares a high-level explanation of how a turbine engine utilizes air and fuel to help our aircraft take flight. Enjoy this video that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a Southwest Maintenance Hangar.





Do you want to work up close and personal with planes just like Nikki and our other AMTs? Visit to learn all about becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Southwest.


Thank you to all of our AMTs for your hard work and dedication to our industry and Company.


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