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Celebrity Status: Flying Colorado One Home

Explorer C

WOW!  This has to be the most exciting thing I’ve done at Southwest Airlines!  I was overwhelmed with pride the moment I saw Colorado One sitting on the ramp realizing that I would be flying it to Denver for all of Southwest to see.  For me, this is the culmination of 16 years of being a Coloradan and commuting from the Denver area.  I’ve seen the dedicated Employees of Southwest Airlines work so hard to make our fastest growing destination such a huge success.

I look forward to serving our Pilots as the Denver Chief Pilot and to working with Team Denver!   Now it’s off to the Spirit Party!


Explorer C
Humph! It just the same old paint job!
Explorer C
Carl, maybe you haven't seen the full image - it's not at all the same old paint job! This plane is painted with the Colorado flag along the whole fuselage, with the usual SWA tail scheme, and as far as I am aware that makes it unique. I think it's an awesome idea that honors Colorado, so I'm excited to see it on the tarmac at DIA!