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Change is a Beautiful Thing...

Adventurer C
..unless you're changing your airline reservation in which case change is a pain in rear...not to mention costly. That's why I was really surprised and pleased when I stumbled on a recent post to about Southwest's lack of change fees. This person states that they specifically try to concentrate their business with Southwest Airlines out of Denver (where competition is alive and well) due to our lack of change fees. I found this surprising because I assume that most of our Customers don't recognize this point-of-difference between us and the other guys. Southwest is well known for great Customer Service, low fares, flight frequency, efficiency of operations, etc., etc., etc., but I wouldn't rank "lack of change fees" up there with something we get credit for...but maybe I'm wrong (?). Special thanks to "FCfree" on Flyertalk for making some really interesting points about our "change fee free" policy!