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Changes You Need to Know to TSA Precheck Qualifications

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A better airport experience for air travelers is a priority for both Southwest Airlines and the TSA. As such, we worked with our friends at the TSA to create the following post with information that can help make your summer travel easier.


As many frequent travelers know, TSA Pre✓® offers expedited security screening for trusted travelers at airports nationwide. With a TSA Pre✓® Known Traveler Number documented in a reservation, Customers receive a TSA Pre✓® designation on their boarding document and enjoy all the benefits of a more efficient security check point experience. With TSA Pre✓®, Customers breeze through security lines without removing shoes, belts, laptops, liquids, and light jackets. Aside from creating a better travel experience, it also ensures a safer air travel system for our nation.


TSA Checkpoint Arizona, PHXTSA Checkpoint Arizona, PHX


For those who are enrolled in TSA Pre✓® and have received your Known Traveler Number, you’re all set for takeoff! However, we want to make Customers aware that if you haven’t enrolled in the TSA Pre✓® program, but routinely receive the TSA Pre✓® designation on your travel documents, that in early February 2017, TSA significantly reduced access to TSA Pre✓® expedited screening based on frequent flyer activity for non-enrolled travelers.  This change is to ensure more Customers are vetted through the official TSA enrollment and screening process.


If you’re not officially enrolled in the program, but would like to maintain the TSA Pre✓® benefits, here is what you need to know:


The TSA Pre✓® program provides a five-year membership for a single $85 enrollment fee, which equates to $17 per year. TSA Pre✓® Customers experience a quicker airport security line where shoes, belts, laptops, and 3-1-1 compliant liquids do not have to be removed or screened separately. Nearly 96 percent of TSA Pre✓® passengers get through security in less than five minutes. 


The TSA Pre✓® enrollment process can be completed in three easy steps:


  1. Apply for TSA Pre® Online

Submit a quick, five-minute application online and schedule an appointment at any of the nearly 400 enrollment center locations.


  1. Complete the In-Person Enrollment

Schedule a 10-minute, in-person appointment to provide identity documents, payment, and fingerprints. Most individuals are approved within days of completing the in-person appointment. You can check the status of your application online.  


  1. Enjoy TSA Pre®

Add your Known Traveler Number to your Rapid Rewards account or flight reservations and enjoy!



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Explorer B
Did my TSAPre yesterday , They treated me very well & gave me advice on how to properly use it ..  I am in and out of Las Vegas a lot, the lines usually go fairly rapidly .  Will be interesting to see the difference is ..  SWA has always been my preferred airline !  Always treated me really well ! 
Explorer C

All should understand that TSA Pre check, and even more so the GOES (Global Access) is only granted after a fairly extensive background check. For GOES you get photographed, fingerprints taken, and a very thourough interview. The Global is the way to go as it gets you Pre Check and Global and only costs an additional $15 for FIVE yeas. A neat plus is that the five years is measured from your NEXT BIRHDAY! S, if your birthday was last month, you get 5 years and 11 months. You should alert every airine you book with what your Known Traveller Number (KTN) is, perhaps in your flight membership profile. This ensures that every time you book, your pre check status is automatically entered on your boarding pass. Get your pass as soon as possible, and if your pre check is not there - CALL the airine! Lastly - enjoy - keep your sense of humor - and always travel safe!

Explorer C

Sometimes the TSA line is longer than the regular line, although it moves faster.  More TSA lines should be available.

Explorer C

I have not paid for but have been given the pre-check on my tickets.  I have total knee replacements in both knees.  Was not a problem leaving my home airport, as there was an x-ray on the pre-check side.  But when returning from Raleigh-Durham, had to get a pat down because, of course, I set off the walk through, but they did not have x-ray on that line.  Had I gone through the regular line, would not have had the issue.  I know now to look ahead for the x-ray before getting into a line! 

Explorer C

Just got my Global Entry approval! I can't wait to use it on my favorite airline...SWA! 🙂 

Explorer C



Regarding the earlier comment about the Kansas City (MCI officially or KCI as locals call it) airport.


 I love the airport!  Easy to enter and exit.  Dropoff and pickup is on the street level.  The walk to the gate is minimal and Southwest has connected most if not all their gates. Getting to baggage claim is a short walk that doesn't require a train, escalator or elevator. 


Southwest and some Kansas City officials are in favor of building a new airport structure consisting of 1 terminal at the current terminal A location.  Most residents of the metropolitan Kansas City area are against the 1 terminal because KCI is so convenient!  Except for my experience at the Oakland airport, airports are large and it takes a long time to get from the entrance to the gate.  It also takes a long time to transfer from 1 gate to another at most airports. 


The folks in favor of a new terminal feel that there will be an economic benefit to the city once a new terminal is built.  Certainly passengers to and from Kansas City will pay more for a ticket.  


I love KCI!





Explorer C

My husband and I signed up for TSA Pre-check, about a 18 months ago.  We have only used it once or twice, because it never appears on our boarding passes.  I've called and was told, that we in fact have TSA Pre-check.  But when I check-in, either online, at the gate or in the airport, it never appears on our boarding passes.  Is there something we/I can do?  

Explorer B

TSA told e you have to register with each airline, That we have to do it at home , if we wait until be are at the airport 

that it won't work. I just registered last week so have not received my number yet. Was also told we have to register with 

each airline. That there is no universal registerion process for all the airlines . Hope this is of some help. 

Explorer C

 SWA - i have just added my known traveller number to my account, but could not see if there was a way to add it to my flight reservation for next month. Will it automatically transfer to the reservation?

Adventurer C

My husband and I travel often. We get TSA pre most of the time. What a bummer when we don't.Smiley Mad I'm thinking about appying for TSA pre for $85, but so far haven't found the need. We are approved about 9 out of 10 flights.