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Cheers to our Favorite Tough Guy: Dad

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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the best man in our lives: Dad.  If your dad is like mine, he has a tendency to act tough, even though we know he’s not fooling anyone. As my family walked through the doors of the Houston SPCA last December, Dad said to me, “We’re just looking at puppies, Andrea. We’re not going to bring one home today.”  But I knew for sure how I could wiggle a dog into his “tough guy” heart! My mom and I exchanged a look and rolled our eyes, knowing that by nightfall the empty backyard would once again be occupied by a furry, four-legged friend.  Among all the noise I found myself drawn to a cage with tuffs of black hair sticking out.  Through the bars I could see a fluffy black mass sprawled out on the floor for an afternoon nap. He was fully consumed by his puppy dreams.  giftcard While my dad peered in at him, Henry looked up with sleepy hazel eyes and licked my dad’s face.  Instantly, my dad was smitten, and we would not be leaving the shelter dog-less. Cheers to all those fathers out there trying to play the tough guy act.  You’re all softies when it comes down to it, and we LUV you for it!  So in honor of all softies—I mean “tough” Dads—all Customers can enjoy a complimentary drink while flying with us on Sunday, June 15. And if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift, don’t get him something; get him somewhere with a Southwest Gift Card!  Happy Father’s Day!