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Chicken Fried Bacon........Oh yay!!!

Adventurer C
Many people are getting in the spirit of football season, and so am I, but for a different reason.   It reminds me that the Texas State Fair is here!   If you ask those who know me well, they will tell you I am a State Fair junkie.  I buy the season pass and go as much as I can.   The first thing I do is find the Fletcher's stand to get a cold beer and corn dog.   I love the way the smell of corny dogs in the Midway slightly overshadows the hint of stench in the air.  

Each year, they invent some new heart-attack on plate to entice the fried food fanatic inside each of us.  This year I'll be on a hunt for the Deep Fried Smore's or the Chicken Fried Bacon.   If those don't get your taste buds singing, then how about Fried Banana Split, Fried Chocolate Truffles, a Fried Grilled Cheese or Fried Jelly Bellys?  Check out the Food Pavilion for even more food choices.   I think you might even be able to find a salad or something healthy like that, blech!

Food isn't the only thing that keeps me coming back.   I love the extreme rides with the super loud music playing outside.   The more extreme, the better.  It shakes up all the corny dogs and beer in my belly and gives me a rush like nothing else.   Wheeeeeeeee!!!

Southwest Airlines is the Proud Sponsor of Mundo Latino, Celebration of Cultures.  In its 13th year at the State Fair, Mundo Latino features an exhibit highlighting the rich Latino culture. The theme changes every year featuring dance, music, food and educational programs from artists and groups representing the Latin world including Mexico, Spain, Central & South America, and the United States. This year's exhibit features "El Mariachi".  For more information visit

Another sponsorship is our very own Southwest Airlines State Fair Classic.  The kickoff of Black College Football between Grambling State University Tigers and "the new" Prairie View A & M University Panthers will take place Saturday October 4th at the Cotton Bowl with a 6pm kickoff.

There is a plethora of attractions beyond what I have mentioned above.  My daughter enjoys learning about country life at the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit, Pig Races, Dog Shows, and the Pee Wee stampede.   I must have genetically passed my thrill of extreme rides too.   She is only five, so the kiddy area is as extreme as it gets, but hey it's a start, right?  One of the biggest attractions is Big Tex of course: “Howdy folks.”   We love to go visit Big Tex.
The Arts building is also a regular stop for me each year.   Several years ago, I entered the photo contest and won Best in Show.  It was a big accomplishment, since there were over 11,000 entries.  I also love to check out the butter sculpture each year in the Arts building.   This year I think the butter sculpture is King Tut.
One tiny disappointment last year was the missing sponsorship of Charmin in the bathrooms in the Food Pavilion.   It was so clean and nice with the fluffy toilet paper to use.   Charmin, please come back and sponsor the bathrooms again.

There is just so much to do, you have to go more than once; The Starlight Parade, the Midway lights (more people watching), Auto Show, Main Stage has music performers each night, the Wine Garden, Livestock Show, Bird Show, Illumination Sensation light show each night with high tech visual effects and pyrotechnics, and so much more.  The Texas-OU football game has been played during the Fair every year since 1929.
Our Online Marketing team is taking an outing this year to the Fair and I can't wait to share the one-of-a-kind experience I have grown to love.  Do you have a favorite State Fair story or attraction you would like to share?