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Christmas Memory

Adventurer C
My favorite Christmas memory is from my college days.  I was attending Memphis State University. I lived on campus but had family across town, so I'd alternate going to my grandparents and my uncle's to get a hot meal and wash clothes.  I didn't have a laundry basket, so I'd put my laundry in a box and head out. Since my dad is the oldest of five, I have lots of cousins.  Everybody would get together at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve--aunts, uncles, cousins.  It was a full house to say the least.  Everyone had presents for everyone else, so it was quite the event. The Christmas of my freshman year, my uncle brought all his family's presents in a laundry basket.  I never thought anything about it until it came time for him to pass out his family's gifts.  You have to understand that my oldest cousin is only one year younger than I am, and everybody always gave us matching presents.  When my uncle did not have a matching present for me like my cousin's, I knew something was up. After he'd passed out all the presents from his family, he walked over and gave me the laundry basket.