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Chronicles of GG

Adventurer C

Going green.    Is it just me, or has the presence of being green really escalated?    I love that the awareness is everywhere I turn, even here at Southwest with "Green Tuesday."    I recently bought a house for the very first time, and I am very excited to have the big blue thingie, along side of my big green thingie for the trash.   Almost seems like the green thingie should be for recycling, but I remind myself it's the blue one.   Anywho, I thought this is a great time to get serious and be more conscious of my decisions with Mother Earth.   Along with that, I have a perfect little five-year-old daughter, Gigi,  whom I am trying to teach these green (pun intended) skills to so she can have a long healthy life. 

Several months ago, I started to turn the water off as I was brushing my teeth, and now I have Gigi doing the same thing.  It saves water.   Another great way to save on water is to purchase the $5,400 toilet.  Yes, toilet.   It's evidently what a very well-known, cute, young, actor has in his green house.  It may even make him "king of the world."  (wink wink)  I'll spare you all the details and functions, but it was impressive.

Another effort was to replace all the light bulbs with eco-friendly bulbs.    Note to the people who do this:  you can't use a dimmer with these bulbs unless you buy a special eco bulb for dimming, and they are a bit hard to find.  There are so many small things you can start to do that really make an impact.   I have been watching Discovery's Planet Green channel, and I think my next task will be to eliminate the paper towels in my household.   Sigh!   Anybody have any tips on this one?  

I'll keep you posted on my Chronicles on GG and I'd love to hear your ideas.