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Circle of Support

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During the month of July, the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association participated in the Circle of Support non-profit summer learning program.  Circle of Support, Inc. is uniquely dedicated to providing young girls and boys with access to resources that will help them develop into productive, responsible, and successful adults. 

First Officers Ryan Haygood, William Fitzpatrick, and I visited the Joseph Rhoads Learning Center weekly and spoke to students in the Science, Math, Reading, Art, and Technology (S.M.A.R.T) program about flying and the piloting career.

Circle of Support

The program concluded with a tour of the Flight Ops Training Center, Heavy Maintenance Facility, and Headquarters.  First Officer Aaron Anton, Captain Barnes Pruett, Captain Steve Vaught, and Flight Ops Training Center Director Joe Marott joined Ryan and me, and over 80 kids ranging from seven to 17 years of age. 

Circle of Support Two

This is SWAPA’s second year partnering with Circle of Support.  Commitments have been made for next year, and plans are being discussed about expanding involvement to other cities.

Circle of Support Plane Spotting