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Cleaning Planes and Feeding Las Vegas

Adventurer B

A poster on my previous blog entry asked ”What exactly does the Corporate Culture Committee do?”

Well ... the Corporate Culture Committee (CCC) is a mostly-volunteer group of Employees (and retired Employees) from every city in our system who travel around our 64-city network putting on events to let our Employees and Customers (Passengers) know how much we appreciate them. These events can include anything from cooking burgers for our Ground Ops folks to providing chair massages for Customers waiting at our gates. It's a lot of fun and really helps you keep in touch with what's going on in the field . The video above comes from two such events.

The first minute or so of the video is from a visit to our HOU (Houston) Maintenance Base. We were there (in shifts) from early afternoon through mid-morning the next day, so we could visit with all three shifts, and we served barbecue with all the fixin's pretty much nonstop.

Washing Planes During HOU MX CCC Event

Some time around 3:00 a.m., things were kind of slow for us because that's when the Maintenance guys and gals are really busy getting planes ready for the new day. So, I walked outside with my camcorder and saw the surreal scene you'll see in the video. The bright lights against the black sky, and all the steam and water, seemed to be just begging for some dramatic music and slow motion. It turned out to be a sort of ”faux commercial” celebrating the folks who keep our planes clean.

Ground Ops Employee Getting His Burger

The remainder of the video is from a Culture event in Las Vegas where we cooked about 2,000 burgers, brats, and hot dogs for our Ground Ops folks. Of course, there were lots of Crews (Pilots & Flight Attendants) coming and going, and we were glad to feed them, too. I think this part of the video really shows how supportive all our Employees are of each other, and how much impromptu FUN we have with each other.

Enjoy the video, and look forward to more soon. There's lots more where this came from!