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Connecting a Mother and Daughter in Denver


The following story is by Customer Tracy Stayton


As most of you know, I have quite a bit of airline experience having circumvented the globe last year during 34tunate ( and yet I have not encountered better, more friendly and personal service than with Southwest! 


Last night my mom and I happened to each be passing through the Denver airport around the same time. She was connecting from Milwaukee to Portland and I was going from Denver to Orange County. 


We didn't realize this was the case until just before she left Milwaukee when she sent an, "I love you" text!  I knew the timing would be tight with our flight times, but was excited to see our departure gates were close to one another: Hers was C44 and mine was C48.  However, as my flight began to board, she texted she was not even off her plane yet, and her flight had arrived at gate C24! Minutes continued to pass, and my heart sank as the last passenger at my gate gave her ticket to the Gate Agent.


As I looked down the corridor, I could now see my mom in the distance hustling her 62-year-old self in my direction. Panicked,  and not wanting to leave my gate, I called out, "Put some pep in that step!"


I am sure I was quite a sight yelling and waving my arms at her!  I looked at the Gate Agent and then back down the corridor, back, forth, back, forth.


The Gate Agent asked if I was Tracy (yes!) and if that was Evelyn (nope!). Looking at me quizzically, I explained to him the woman down the way was my mom who lives across the country from me, but who happened to be connecting here in Denver at the same time!


Although no one else was left to board and he could have shut the boarding door, he instead told me, with a smile, "Go! Run and give your Mom a hug! Some of us don't have Moms here to hug anymore!"


I dropped my stuff and sprinted to her dragging her toward the gate while still in an embrace, both of is tearing up. I kissed her on the temple and let go, not wanting to hold up the plane. The Gate Agent smiled and said, "Go on, give her another one!" Of course I did and then immediately took this selfie! 





On behalf of all mothers and daughters, thank you Southwest for your service and for your amazing Employees, like Jim, who understand the value of taking a moment for priceless embraces! 


Now, go on, give your Mom a hug, or book a flight to do it! I know I will be and that Southwest will be my first choice!