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Conservation in Action: Gettin' Dirty in Atlanta!

Explorer C

The following post is part of our Conservation in Action Tour 40 series. It is guest written by Captain Lyle Rayworth, a Pilot for AirTran.  The accompanying video was put together by Southwest Multimedia Manager Rich Matthews.

Welcome to Atlanta!   We recently finished the Tour 40 Southwest project at the Kirkwood Urban Forest and Community Garden.  This was our first full opportunity for the Southwest and AirTran Teams to work together for the benefit of our community.  I believe it was a resounding success!  There were more than 100 people from all different work groups: Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics, Baggage Handlers, Corporate/Headquarters Employees,  etc.  Everyone threw their backs into it for this worthy cause.   Both Teams were energetic and working side by side to improve the trails, gardens, and access driveways.   We also helped clean up the brush that had once been an illegal dumpsite!

Everyone had a great time.  You could hear talking and laughing as shovels, rakes ,and clippers were busy.  A chain saw was used to help clear debris, and a small mountain of bark dust was moved to secure the trails and walkways.  Overall, the place looked great, and all the Teams were proud of their accomplishments.

Being a Pilot for AirTran has been a blessing in my life, and I can say we are all excited about becoming part of the Southwest Family.  This opportunity to serve our community with our closest Coworkers helps build Team Spirit and trust.  I have volunteered in the past with churches and neighborhoods, but few projects were as well organized as this one.  Having a well planned service project helps us give back to our communities and also enjoy a beautiful day outdoors with our friends.