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Corona Is Coming Soon to Southwest Airline's Onboard Offerings

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Hello, my name is Naomi Hudson. I get the privilege to work in the Inflight Communications department at Southwest. I’ve been at Southwest for 19 years. I wanted to let you know about an exciting change coming to our onboard offerings. Starting May 8, 2010, Southwest will serve Corona Extra onboard our flights! Nothing says summer to me like a cold Corona Extra with a lime! We are excited to be testing Corona Extra onboard throughout the summer months. It will remain onboard through September, and at that time, based on Customer demand, the future of Corona Extra onboard will be determined.

The addition to the beverage options is another way Southwest is improving the Customer experience. The new beer will be the same price as our other beers at $5 or a drink coupon. Oh and don’t worry, we will continue to board our current offerings, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, and Heineken.

Corona Extra is the number one selling imported beer in the U.S. Corona’s smooth taste offers the perfect balance between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beer.

Since we’re on the subject of Inflight offerings, we wanted to communicate another change that is effective today. We will no longer accept drink coupons for Monster Energy drinks. Monster Energy drinks will only be available for purchase using credit cards.  We introduced Monster, among other things, as an additional way to increase revenue onboard. The use of free drink coupons has not permitted us to truly evaluate this non-alcohol product. In order to truly gauge the Customer demand, we have determined that Monster will be offered as a for sale item only.  As always, drink coupons will still be good for beer, wine, or mixed drinks.

Those are the exciting changes for now! We are happy to improve the Customer experience with new products onboard and increase the potential for incremental revenue. So starting May 8th, order a Corona Extra onboard!


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It seems odd that you would start serving a Mexican beer 3 days after Cinco de Mayo. Maybe you all should consider starting three days earlier, to get everyone really ramped up for it.
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Great choice... Cheers!
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Can WN take a page out of QX's playbook and offer some quality beer onboard? Seeing the goal is creating incremental revenue, stock one microbrew and you could sell it for a "premium" price (e.g., $6). You could also rotate the selection (just like the peanuts) to keep your beer-drinking customers happy with some variety. You create incremental revenue, customers get a quality beer offering, and the microbrewery gets additional exposure. It's win-win.
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This better not be an april fool's joke!! 🙂 And agreed, you would get much more demand from a May 3-4 launch... but you might not get correct sales reads, which I'm sure you're trying to do 🙂
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I suggest offering a beer from a good american craft brewery, but I guess Sierra Nevada or Sam Adams aren't available in cans
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Don't forget to include the lime with the Corona!! Muchas Gracias.
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how about patron instead? its a little more exciting than corrona.
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Isn't this a devaluation of RR drink coupons? I know members who don't drink so the Monster drink was the only option to use the coupon. Can't there be some way to log the number of monsters ordered with coupons? (Perhaps with the same system for cashless cabin?)
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Why would you take away the ability to redeem drink coupons for monster energy drinks? If you want to increase revenue on-board, why don't you just charge for everything like the other guys!!
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I agree with Anon above. While new things are lovely, Southwest is adding yet another pale lager to a selection of pale lagers. How about a good microbrewed pale ale, hefewiezen, dark lager, or something? I would love to see Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Magic Hat #9, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or some other microbrew onboard! It's like choosing to paint a room and only being able to choose from light blue, perriwinkle blue, robin's egg blue, sky blue, and ice blue. All slight variations of the same thing, which, in the case of light lager, is gross. And if it's a can vs. bottle thing, you could at least go with Yuengling or Sam, which I believe both come in cans... I get that most Americans only drink light lager and nothing else, but for those of us with taste buds Yuengling/Sam Adams and Dogfish/Sierra Nevada would be great additions! Even if it was $6 or $1 with a drink coupon, I would pay it gladly for a choice of beer that tastes good. Please?
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Eek. Bud Select is better than that swill.
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I tried to order a Monster drink with RR coupons and was rather curly told no, cannot use drink coupons for a Monster drink. I asked why not, and was given no answer at all, just that I could buy it on a credit card. All I could think of was, "this is no way to treat a loyal 10 year customer, rr member, a-lister, and companion pass holder!! My husband and I don't drink and Monster was a great and valued option--instead of just buying everyone around us drinks all the time! Something for the loyal teetooler!! I am VERY disappointed in this short sighted poor customer service. Please re-consider this very poor idea.
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Yes, short of taking up drinking, without Monster, I have no use for the drink coupons I earned (as an A-Lister). I can't believe that there is that much difference between what you make on Monster and what you make on a serving of hard liquor. Most SW policies make sense but this one, your explanation here notwithstanding, does not.
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