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Counting Down the Days Until Diner en Blanc – Dallas!

DEB Updated September 21, 2015: September 17, 2015 was a night to remember. After arriving at the Southwest Airlines Headquarters,  my date and I boarded the charter bus not knowing where Dîner en Blanc was taking place.  We were greeted with smiles, champagne, and snacks to enjoy on our short journey. After a quick drive, we arrived at our destination and I was surprised to see that the Continental Pedestrian Bridge would be our location for the night. As we located our breathtakingly beautifully decorated table, our night began.  To kick off DEB Dallas we participated in the traditional Dîner en Blanc napkin wave using the personalized napkins provided by Southwest Airlines. 20150917_193245 The award-winning Dallas skyline and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge provided a beautiful backdrop to a perfect evening.  We  experienced a night full of entertainment and a DJ that had the crowd grooving to the beats and putting their best foot forward on the dance floor. I thoroughly enjoyed walking over the bridge to meet and mingle with the other guests while trying to scope out their all white ensembles to get ideas for next year. Some attendees were very creative and opted for costumes including large headdresses and white wigs. 20150917_220848 The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show by Pyrotex and it literally felt like the 4th of July in September. If you would love to attend a Dîner en Blanc in the future,  here are a few tips for you: 1. Wear all white, no off white/nude 2. Make sure you have a wagon or pulley with wheels to carry your table and chairs. 3. Bring a Tide stick or shout wipes for any surprises, like red wine spills. 4. Ladies wear a nice pair of flats/sneakers until you reach your destination. 5. Make sure to register online and be prepared to pay as soon as sales open up. Tickets will sell out in minutes. 6. Come ready to party and leave with new friends. 7. Make sure to fly with Southwest Airlines to attend Dîner en Blanc in your preferred city. Dîner en Blanc - Dallas was an experience to remember, and truly was an unforgettable night!     The following guest blog post is written by Shatani Chouteau, winner of our Diner en Blanc contest. Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day?”  Well I’ve lived by that saying for years, until rapper Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, made the White Party popular.  Each year I look forward to attending a party that features all-white décor and attendees in all-white clothing, whether it’s an all-white themed birthday party, baby shower, and other fun parties with my friends.  While searching for my next adventure I came across one of the world’s most exclusive events, Diner en Blanc. All of my spidey senses went off, and I was instantly intrigued.   I immediately began doing my research to see how I could get an invite to Diner en Blanc - Dallas. While browsing the Diner en Blanc - Dallas Facebook page, I saw that Southwest Airlines is the Official Airline of Diner en Blanc – Dallas and was hosting a contest to win a full event prize package, including two roundtrip tickets to Dallas, tickets to Diner en Blanc - Dallas, a hotel stay, and a beautiful tablescape complete with food and drinks for the evening.  Without a second thought, I entered the contest thinking that I had no chance of winning. A couple of weeks later, I received a Twitter notification from @SouthwestAir stating that I had been selected as the winner. Boom!  My next adventure has been chosen for me. I have successfully completed my research on previous Diner en Blanc events around the world to get a taste of how I should dress for the evening. Luckily I already had the perfect white dress in my closet awaiting this fabulous event, so my only task was to find the most comfortable white shoes possible to dance the night away.  The suspense of where DEB will take place is killing me.  I just love the idea of getting on a bus not knowing where I’m going and being whisked off to a magical location.  I can only imagine the set up to be majestic and pristine.  I will definitely feel like Cinderella arriving at the Prince’s Ball. Please make sure you return to this blog post for my full recap of Diner en Blanc - Dallas along with pictures of the amazing night.  Thanks to Southwest Airlines for making this happen!