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Cover Girl?


What do Magic Johnson, Taylor Swift and Ana Schwager all have in common?   They have all been featured on the cover of Spirit magazine, Southwest's onboard magazine.  Well...okay, maybe not really Ana Schwager, but I sure have had a lot a fun fooling my friends and family!  

Here's the scoop...recently the entire Marketing Team met in San Diego for our Annual Marketing meeting.   As in true Southwest style, a little FUN was mixed into the meeting.  Our friends from Pace Communications, the publisher of Spirit, invited us to experience a photo shoot in which we would "make the cover" of Spirit  I can't tell you how much fun I had during my shoots!  Yes, I took a few pictures, and I'm pretty sure the Spirit Design Editor, Kevin, and Photo Editor, Lauren, were really happy when they took the last photo for the evening!   My brother has asked me what my story was about and I still haven't responded to his question.   I think I'll let him think it was all least for just a few more days!  Anyway, enjoy my covers that feature several of my Marketing friends from around the Southwest system.