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Cranky Flier: Southwest Installing Wireless Internet Fleetwide

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from The Cranky Flier by CF
For an airline that has done a good job of avoiding inflight entertainment like the plague, Southwest sure is diving right in when it comes to wireless internet service. The deal is done and wifi will start rolling out aggressively next quarter.

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I love SW Airlines - low fares, bags fly free, and now WIFI. How about allowing free access if you check your bags - except laptops, purses (within reason) small brief cases, coats and jackets....Limiting luggage in the cabin would definitely solve a lot of issues and problems.
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Well CJ1953 Southwest has to make money somewhere, so free wireless internet onboard is good for the consumer however not for the company. Southwest does alot for passengers although its a low fare carrier. I think asking for free internet onboard the aircraft is asking to much. I am just thankful for the free bags and low fares. Some airlines charge for a can of soda. Southwest is the best
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I have no problem what Southwest is proposing re wifi. This is a luxury people and I don't want to pay for your impatience till you land through higher fares which would subsidize free access. Get a life people and slow down!
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This will be a great new service. I can't believe that people want it for free or to be included in the ticket price. Southwest deserves to be compensated for offering a new service. Equating this to bags fly free makes no sense. Charging for bags is like charging extra for the bun on a hamburger. Charging for for WiFi is like adding a fee for bacon on a burger. It is a legitimate extra and a fee gives customers a choice. Many fliers don't care about WiFI. Why should they pay for it? I do hope that WiFi service availability is known with some degree of certainty at check-in time.