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Crossing Another Item Off Mat Kearney's Bucket List


What would you think if I said Mat Kearney recently performed to a sold out crowd? No shock there, right?  But what if it was to a sold out crowd at 35,000 feet in the air on a Southwest Boeing 737 somewhere over Illinois?  

Now we’ve got your attention!

As the official airline of Aloft Hotels presents Live in the Vineyard, Southwest is partnering with various artists to provide the ultimate in-air entertainment experience.  Check out the video to see how Customers traveling from Nashville to Chicago last Friday received their very own surprise inflight concert by platinum recording artist Mat Kearney.  

Talk about an exclusive event!  Keep an eye out for the Southwest aircraft displaying the Aloft presents Live in the Vineyard decal that will be touring our system through the first weekend of November.  Who knows? You could be part of the next concert in the sky!

Enjoy the show!

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I love how the majority of people who are recording the performance are using a cell phone of sorts. So much for turning those off...don't let the FBI see it. Nonetheless, it was an awesome PR move on Southwest's part. Perhaps having competitions that let small, unknown bands compete to play on a flight to NYC as they are traveling to a small concert venue, all produced by Southwest. It could be an annual summertime event...but that is my wishful thinking
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It was the most amazing flight I had ever been on. I had seen him live before, and have several of his cd's. I was glad I was on that flight at that moment in time. And the flight was perfectly safe, I felt no danger just calm at the serenity of the music. I truly wish most of my flights were as such. Great Airline, truly great service.
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Interesting idea.
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Completely Awesome! BTW, cell phones only have to be in airplane mode. They are allowed to be powered on for the majority of the flight ; )