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Culture Committee - Chicago Maintenance Event

Adventurer A
100_5075.jpg100_5065.jpgOne of the things we get to do being members of the Corporate Culture Committee is do various events for our different work groups.  On this day, we celebrated our MDW MX (Chicago Midway Maintenance) folks!  We had three different shifts at this event, since they work 24/7, 365 days a year!  100_5074.jpg100_5082.jpgWe also celebrated two birthday boys, Art and Jeff.  Our theme for this event was tropical, and we played games, cooked, and served donuts to the morning shift.  Jeff and Toni are the Co-Chairs for this group and they came up with a great MX Sudoku game. 100_5062.jpg When I left, Darius was the winning MX guy who completed the MX Sodoku game in seven minutes; our birthday boy, Jeff was sure he would have it in the bag with a very quick 14 minutes and 34 seconds.   🙂  100_5079.jpgAs you can see we had a lot of fun going out on their calls with them, changing the aircraft oil, checking the air pressure in tires, and observing the C-check that was going on in the overnight hours.  100_5067.jpg100_5072.jpg100_5073.jpg What are some of the things that you do at your Company to keep the Culture alive?