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Culture Committee - Chicago Maintenance Event

Adventurer A
100_5075.jpg100_5065.jpgOne of the things we get to do being members of the Corporate Culture Committee is do various events for our different work groups.  On this day, we celebrated our MDW MX (Chicago Midway Maintenance) folks!  We had three different shifts at this event, since they work 24/7, 365 days a year!  100_5074.jpg100_5082.jpgWe also celebrated two birthday boys, Art and Jeff.  Our theme for this event was tropical, and we played games, cooked, and served donuts to the morning shift.  Jeff and Toni are the Co-Chairs for this group and they came up with a great MX Sudoku game. 100_5062.jpg When I left, Darius was the winning MX guy who completed the MX Sodoku game in seven minutes; our birthday boy, Jeff was sure he would have it in the bag with a very quick 14 minutes and 34 seconds.   🙂  100_5079.jpgAs you can see we had a lot of fun going out on their calls with them, changing the aircraft oil, checking the air pressure in tires, and observing the C-check that was going on in the overnight hours.  100_5067.jpg100_5072.jpg100_5073.jpg What are some of the things that you do at your Company to keep the Culture alive?
New Arrival
Great post, James. I wish I could have been there. What our MX folks do is truly amazing, and seeing it "up close and personal" is a real treat.
Adventurer C
I LUV reading about SWA Culture events - it is truly a company unlike any other! My company (a very large company recieving a bit of bad press) is really trying to infuse a "let's stick together" feeling among those of us remaining in an effort keep out company's good name and solid repuation intact. With layoffs continuing - the response from employees has been neither overwhelmingly positive or negative. One thing is for sure - our culture department has their work cut out for them and they certainly have my respect! Still working for now, still applying ;-) Nikki
Explorer C
What a wonderful group you had at the MDW MX visit. Oh how I miss those late night shifts!! That is when all the good stuff happens. OK - from the pictures I can tell I have been cheated on :-). Who is the new chic in the cow picture with Toni and Scottie? JK....Miss you guys! Keep up the good work.
Frequent Flyer B
That sounds fun! This is another reason why I so badly want to work for the Company. :) Interesting fun facts of the day: October 30 is National Candy Corn Day. One serving of candy corn contains only about 140 calories.
Explorer C
James, Great blog on the Maintenance Appreciation visit and thanks for all the great photos you included! Just to clarify, Scottie Z is my cochair on the MX Appreciation Team and he created our mechanic friendly Sudoku which was a BIG HIT in all our visits... but Jeff truly went above and beyond to cohost this event at his base and really showed the volunteers an insiders look at a day (or night) in the life of a SWA Mechanic "on the line." Shannon, the "new chic" is Kay Tennant, a dedicated SWA Flight Attendant from BWI, she's Alumni on the Culture Committee and joined us kind of last minute so Scottie and I were being good hosts! We miss you a ton, but true to form Scottie kept me laughing and just this side of being in trouble in MDW! Thanks to ALL the volunteers that joined in the FUN during our 4 Maintenance Appreciation visits this year...and to all the guys that shared a bit of their work world with us....WE APPRECIATE YOU and the work you do everyday to keep our planes in tip top shape!
Explorer C
Nice because you have shown pictures. That is very effective tool. Mr. Malone is so oriented to his peers that he even mentioned the birthdays of Art and Jeff. I hope next time you could make the pictures larger.