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Culture Committee Fun...Albuquerque E-Team Visit

Adventurer A
IMAG0011.JPGIMAG0005.JPGIMAG0001.JPGIMAG0008.JPGOne of the things that I'm honored to be a part of here at Southwest Airlines is the Culture Committee.  The Culture Committee was started back in 1991, by Colleen Barrett, our President.  She saw the need for us to keep that family feeling as the Company began to grow.  The Culture Committee has approximately 120 Active Members and numerous Alumni Members.  You are selected to be on the Committee for 3 years, and during those three years, you attend quarterly Culture Committee meetings and participate in three Team Events.  After that, you become an Alumni Member, and you participate in two Team Events, one of which has to be a "Hokey" Day.  A Hokey Day is where you go to an airport, provide the Flight Crews with a box snack and use a Hokey (a type of manual carpet sweeper) to help them clean the plane.  The pictures here are of the Albuquerque E-Team Visit.  E-Team stands for Encouragement.  We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers outside for the Albuquerque Station Employees and the Flight Crews that flew through the city that day.  It is great to be a part of the Culture Committee.  Perhaps Sunny could share some more about it with ya'll.  ;-) IMAG0002.JPGIMAG0003.JPGIMAG0009.JPGIMAG0010.JPG