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Customer Appreciation Day - Ft. Lauderdale Style

hearts.JPG  If you happened to be flying out of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood (FLL) on a recent Sunday, you might have experienced some Southwest FUN while waiting on your flight. candy-in-gates.JPGTeam FLL spread a little SOUTHWEST SPIRIT as they played games, asked trivia questions, and gave away some great prizes. Provisioning carts were transformed into LUV carts that circulated the gate areas serving donutsdonuts.JPG, juice and special chocolates.  Sundays are always a crazy busy day in Ft. Lauderdale because of our cruise Customers who return for their flights home, so we thought this would be the perfect day to have a little fun.  Many Customers, young and oldboy-drawing.JPG, enjoyed having their portrait (on either a Southwest Pilot or Flight Attendant body) sketched by local Caricature Artist, John Burgess.  We sure enjoyed sharing some of our SOUTHWEST SPIRIT with everyone.   flight-crews.JPG What is your favorite Southwest FUN story?