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Customer Stories: #LoveTakesFlight 10 Years Later

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Ten years ago, my husband and I were set to be married on a Princess cruise departing from the California coast. The two of us, along with 26 friends and family members, flew on Flight #846 from Tucson to Los Angeles on January 21, 2006. Everyone was thrilled for the wedding, and I had even bought a seat just for my dress. The Flight Attendant, unbeknownst to us, asked fellow Passengers to write their best marriage advice on their drink napkin during the flight. When the plane landed she made an announcement of good wishes for us, and the whole plane clapped and cheered.  As we de-boarded, she handed us a barf bag filled with the napkins, and told us what she’d done. We were beyond grateful, and excited to read what everyone had to say.  But, my husband made the suggestion that we save it for our 10th anniversary, and I agreed that that would be fun. juliette fiechtner 6 We celebrated our 10th anniversary on January 21, 2016 (with some of the same family and friends that were on that flight) and, remarkably, he remembered the bag. My husband is in the military and we’ve moved about eight times in the last 10 years, and have somehow held onto it. He went upstairs and retrieved it from my sock drawer, where I’ve kept it all these years. We opened it up with our guests, and had the most amazing time reminiscing about the flight and the wedding, and getting quite a few good laughs at all the advice. I immediately felt remorse for not having sent a note to Southwest 10 years ago for the Flight Attendant's amazing act of kindness. Obviously having 26 people traveling with us, getting married on a cruise for a week, then a second wedding celebration in Tucson the day we flew back, it had slipped our minds. juliette fiechtner 5Even if she doesn’t work for Southwest any longer, it shows the impact your special Company has on Passengers. You’ve always made flights fun, enjoyable, and well worth the price. Thanks so much for the memories. Matthew & Juliette Fiechtner juliette fiechtner 4