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Customers Get a Dose of Puppy LUV!

Explorer A

Mr. Dusek, a Passenger on a flight from MCO to PHX, was raving to one of our Flight Attendant's, Donna Woods, that his wife and he are A-Listers and LUV Southwest. As they chatted, Donna noticed the man’s wife making her way down the aisle holding an unusual package—a Dalmatian costume. Mr. Dusek explained that his company had a costume party and his wife dressed as Cruella DeVille, so she “made” him dress up as a dog! 

Donna’s mind immediately starting racing… “I’ll give you a free drink if you put the costume on!” Donna declared. After several attempts to entice the shy businessman through free drinks, a private changing area, and even adjusting the A/C to make him more comfortable, Donna thought her persuasive touch was gone.

Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Dusek appeared in the galley, “Okay, if I decide to do this, how are we going to work it out?” he asked. Donna was ecstatic!

As Mr. Dusek prepared for his grand debut, Donna immediately began her PSA announcements, “Ladies and Gentlemen we allow pets onboard, but they MUST be kept in their carriers at all times. We have a dog loose on the plane! Please help us find him!” Customers frantically began looking around their seats! Just then, the “missing dog” appeared in clear view as Mr. Dusek made his way down the aisle in full costume. Both adults and children roared with laughter—they LUVed it! With the help of the Flight Attendants he clumsily passed out coloring books, and had the whole plane doing the wave by the time he made it to the front!

As they landed in PHX, Southwest surprised Mr. Dusek and his wife with a bottle of champagne in appreciation for all the FUN! Thanks Mr. Dusek and Donna for upholding Southwest’s Fun-LUVing spirit and giving our Passengers a Flight they’ll never forget!