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During your Holiday Season travels you may notice something a little different with two of our Boeing 737-700s. Southwest Airlines just recently purchased two 737s from the Ford Motor Company, and they spent some time in our Dallas Maintenance hangars getting retrofitted to match the rest of our fleet. However, these two birds are from a different flock. The interior of both airplanes are where you will see the biggest difference, and while they still have our cool looking leather seats, they are just situated differently The aft galley area is noticeably different, something I know our Flight Attendants will notice right away. Aircraft N270WN has been painted with the Spirit colors to match our fleet, but N271LV won't be painted in the Spirit scheme until 2007. Both airplanes will be totally retrofitted during the full overhaul that's scheduled for 2007. 737 2.jpg 737 3.jpg Now don't you worry... for all that's different with these aircraft, there's one thing that will remain the same, and that is our great Customer Service. Happy Holidays. Paul Thompson in our Aircraft Performance Improvement group has provided some additional interior and exterior photos of the Ford Aircraft: ford270aftgalley.jpg ford270aft galley.jpg ford wing viewN271LV_2.jpg ford landing2.jpg ford cockpit.jpgford interior1.jpg   Contributor Kim Seale sent these pics of N217LV that were shot during his recent trip to Lubbock. N271 on LBB Ramp.JPGN271 in Lbb jetway.JPG