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Dallas Love Field Construction Updates for Holiday Travel

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During the final weeks of the 2010 holiday travel season, the Dallas Love Field Airport will continue to assist passengers as they navigate through the airport. 


The ongoing construction of the Airport, known as the Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP), is not expected to delay travel schedules; however, high-fly travel days during the holiday will continue through Monday, December 27.  For travelers not familiar with the Love Field’s reconfiguration, be aware that: 
  • Love Field now has a Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 

  • Terminal 1 now serves Delta and Continental/United Airlines, accommodating all passenger activity, including ticketing, baggage check in and baggage claim. Garage B is the most convenient parking for Terminal 1.
  • Terminal 2 continues to serve Southwest Airlines, including curbside check in, ticketing, baggage check in and baggage claim. Garages A and B are still convenient parking for Terminal 2.

  • Signs have been posted in Garages A and B and the airport on how to travel between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Customers should also use the Garage Pedestrian Bridge.
For people picking up passengers, park and wait in the Cell Phone Lot located on the east side of Cedar Spring Road, north of the long-term parking shuttle and the Hertz Rental Car Facility. This site holds 45 vehicles and is free parking. Please remember it is against Airport regulations to be on the phone while driving.  If you’re flying with Southwest Airlines (Terminal 2) you will notice that the interior construction lobby wall has been updated to include floor-to-ceiling signage promoting the New Love Field Airport. As well, four monitors were installed on the lobby wall and play the official LFMP video about the history of Love Field and previews of the new facility. So if you’re in line and waiting to board with Southwest, steal a look at the video and get to know more about LFMP. This video can also be viewed at Travelers are encouraged to follow these holiday travel tips: 

  • Arrive at least 120 minutes before your flight to allow enough time for check-in, baggage check, security and any unplanned event. Check with your airline for flight departure/arrival status. 

  • Travelers are not allowed to bring wrapped holiday gifts. All holiday gifts must be unwrapped.

  • To minimize unnecessary congestion, do not park curbside to wait for arriving passengers. Use the Cell Phone parking lot or the parking garage. Garage parking is free if parked for less than 30 minutes.

  • LUV Helpers, volunteers in Red Vests, can direct you to your terminal and answer questions regarding construction and relocation.
When arriving to the airport, tune in to Love Radio 1580 AM for information on traffic and updates related to Love Field.

More information about the Love Field Modernization Program can be found on the website at