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David Nail's Southwest Airlines Journeys

Explorer C

Singer/songwriter David Nail is a frequent Southwest Customer, and he begins what we hope will be regular reports from the road by David:

Southwest to Phoenix


Well it was bumpy into Las Vegas, which I knew would probably be the case since it has been each time I fly in there. They tell me it's because of the winds and heat in the desert. A tiny layover before boarding for Phoenix.  Had a small end of the year party with my Nashville Predator pals last night.  I only saw 5 games this year, which isn't good at all!  I was A-6 boarding this flight, and I'm A-1 for the next one!  What that means is "I'm a baller"!  Ha Ha!  It's also a blessing because you have no idea what it's like trying to put a guitar in the overhead 100 times a year.  How long is it gonna take me to fly to Panama City Beach when service starts?  Answer is not very long!  Well peace out my fellow SWA-lover friends, and hopefully I'll see you in the sky soon!  

Check out David's biography in the pdf file attached below.

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