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December #SouthwestHeart Scavenger Hunt

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Not every flight has a musician or an inflight food challenge, but every flight has #SouthwestHeart! We created a scavenger hunt to help pass the time. Get out your smartphones and snap some of the following items. You can share them individually, or as a pic stitch—just make sure to tag @SouthwestAir and include the hashtag #SouthwestHeart when you’re sharing them (so we’ll see ‘em). Dec_ScavengerHuntGridĵ December:
1. Southwest Heart livery 2. Southwest: The Magazine 3. Dish Free Inflight TV (picture or screenshot) 4. Beats Music (picture or screenshot) 5. Lift coffee 6. Specialty plane 7. E-ticket kiosk 8. Holiday decorations 9. Peanuts and/or pretzels 10. Seat selfie 11. Scimitar winglet 12. The view after takeoff 13. Boarding pass 14. U.S. landmark 15. City skyline 16. Ticket jacket 17. A pet onboard 18. Screen shot of your flight path from the Onboard Flight Tracker 19. Your hand on our Heart 20. Signature drink of the quarter
Happy hunting!
New Arrival
Sweet! Time to start looking on my flights today, Sunday, and next Friday!!! Are their prizes this time around?!?
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This is not a contest, so there are no official prizes. But you never know what we might find lying around ...