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December #SouthwestHeart Scavenger Hunt

Explorer C
Not every flight has a musician or an inflight food challenge, but every flight has #SouthwestHeart! We created a scavenger hunt to help pass the time. Get out your smartphones and snap some of the following items. You can share them individually, or as a pic stitch—just make sure to tag @SouthwestAir and include the hashtag #SouthwestHeart when you’re sharing them (so we’ll see ‘em). Dec_ScavengerHuntGridĵ December:
1. Southwest Heart livery 2. Southwest: The Magazine 3. Dish Free Inflight TV (picture or screenshot) 4. Beats Music (picture or screenshot) 5. Lift coffee 6. Specialty plane 7. E-ticket kiosk 8. Holiday decorations 9. Peanuts and/or pretzels 10. Seat selfie 11. Scimitar winglet 12. The view after takeoff 13. Boarding pass 14. U.S. landmark 15. City skyline 16. Ticket jacket 17. A pet onboard 18. Screen shot of your flight path from the Onboard Flight Tracker 19. Your hand on our Heart 20. Signature drink of the quarter
Happy hunting!
Explorer B
Sweet! Time to start looking on my flights today, Sunday, and next Friday!!! Are their prizes this time around?!?
Frequent Flyer C
This is not a contest, so there are no official prizes. But you never know what we might find lying around ...