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Deicing Da Plane

Frequent Flyer B
Propylene glycol. Sounds fascinating, no? Is it a food additive? Is it used to regulate humidity in cigar humidors? Perhaps it is used to make artificial smoke such as you would find at your local night club? Maybe it is used in cat food? Well, no, it is not used in cat food for some reason, but propylene glycol is used to deice our aircraft and in all of the above uses (except the cat food--that was a joke) as well and a whole lot more. This episode of Red Belly Radio is about propylene glycol which our Ground Ops Employees call “deicing fluid.”

My guest is Jay from Ground Ops Training, and he walks us through an aircraft deicing and discloses the answer to what led me to seeking someone for this interview in the first place. Listen to learn what city uses the most deicing fluid in Southwest's 64-city route network.