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Destination Cozumel: Dive In and Enjoy Paradise



Cozumel is home to many spectacular underwater reefs, making it a must-see destination for divers and snorkelers. Read on to learn about some of the places to see and things to do during your visit.


Go Explore

  • No Cozumel trip is complete without an underwater excursion to enjoy the beauty underneath the ocean’s surface. Book a scuba diving adventure with Scuba Life Cozumel.


Let’s Play: Activities for your Trip

  • The Coco Tiki Beach Club offers something for everyone looking to spend a day at the beach. Add beach activities, like parasailing and jet skiing to your itinerary, or enjoy kayaks and banana boat rides. Prefer to spend the day lounging? You can enjoy food and drinks from the comfort of your beach chair.


Grab a Bite: Food to Enjoy

  • Get a taste of the local flavors with the many restaurants in Cozumel. First up, La Cabaña del Pescador, which features fresh seafood, especially delicious lobster.



  • Looking for a casual place with great service? Look no further than Taqueria El Gran Sitio, which serves up a variety of tacos at affordable prices.


Take It All In: Sights and Views

  • Pueblo del Maiz is an interactive experience for visitors that gives an overview of the history of the ancient Mayans. During your visit, enjoy performances that include music and dance, and take part in activities, like learning how to grind corn to make tortillas and mix cocoa for chocolate.