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Destination Island of Hawaii: Experience Every View on the Island of Hawaii


Hawaii Island is the biggest of all of the islands in the archipelago of Hawaii and is referred to as “The Big Island.” There are three active volcanoes on the island, and when you visit, it will be an experience you’re sure to enjoy.


Because the Island of Hawaii is so big, it offers an interesting range of environments, with sunny beaches, snowcapped mountains, and rainforests. Visitors are sure to find something they love here with the chance to have a quaint, laid back beach vacation or an adventurous experience, immersed in nature.




  • Paradise Copters Circle Island Experience – This experience gives you the chance to see the Big Island from above. There are so many things to see and a bird’s eye view is the best way to do that. During the tour, you can see five volcanoes on the island—three of which are active—waterfalls, valleys, lava flow, rainforests, and more.


Let’s Play

  • Kokoleka Lani Farm – Here’s your chance to see how coffee and chocolate are made, from the cacao tree to slicing open the pod to the beans we know. Sample some culinary delights including chocolate fondue with fresh island fruit and the different forms of cacao. Chocolate and coffee? Yes, please!
  • Hawaii Forest & Trails Kohala Waterfalls Adventure – This tour takes you on a beautiful and relaxing adventure. Swim under the falls, have a private picnic, walk through a nature preserve, and experience an ancient Hawaiian agriculture site. Be sure to bring a camera because the views are truly awe-inspiring.
  • Snorkeling with Jack’s Diving Locker – There is plenty of the sea to explore; you just have to dive right in. With the clear waters that surround Hawaii, the number of species you’ll see are limitless. This includes coral reefs, tropical fish, turtles, dolphins, and mantas.


Take It All In

  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden – Hawaii is home to plenty of beautiful flora and fauna and this natural greenhouse makes for the perfect environment for them to thrive. There are 2,000 different species that grow in this garden. Explore the 40 acres and take in the tropical backdrop to a perfect day.


Grab a Bite

  • Royal Kona Hotel – This hotel offers the chance to see live Hawaiian music through their Hawaiian music series. The hotel also presents Voyagers of the Pacific Luau that displays Polynesian song, dance, and a fire walk. This hotel celebrates the Hawaiian culture and brings you a little closer to experiencing it.