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Destination: New Orleans—Experience the Food, Laughter, and Jazz Beat of New Orleans


New Orleans is a city full of experiences, all unique to this French-influenced, jazz town. We know that our Customers love exploring a new city and finding the best way to fully experience all that it has to offer. Southwest makes it easy with frequent and affordable nonstop service to 27 cities from New Orleans.




In addition, we did the hard work for you and found the best of New Orleans to take in and enjoy. No matter what type of traveler you are, come explore, play, take it all in, and grab a bite with us.



  • Oak Alley Plantation This site resides outside of New Orleans and has more than 200 years of history within its beautiful grounds. On site, you can explore the “Big House” plantation mansion, the sugarcane exhibit, and the Stewart Gardens. There’s something to intrigue anyone!
  • French Quarter The French Quarter is in the heart of New Orleans, with the brass that echoes day and night, and buildings inspired by architecture from other countries. Lined with iron balcony railings and cobblestone roads, there are plenty of things to do in the historic district. The French Quarter is a great place to explore and wander until something catches your eye—something it is sure to do.


Let’s Play    

  • Frenchman Street This is where New Orleans jazz truly comes alive. Any local knows that this is the place for live music and a rhythm that won’t stop. Jazz bands play throughout the night at clubs along the street. On weekends there’s even a pop up art market of local artists showcasing their photography, jewelry, and paintings.


  • Bourbon Street Appropriately named, Bourbon Street promises any visitor to have rowdy, fun-filled night. Bourbon Street is home to the original hurricane cocktail and many more histories that are fun. This is the place to go to let loose, dance, and belt a tune at a karaoke bar.


Take It All In

  • Louis Cathedral Located on Jackson Square, this major landmark is often crowded with talented street performers and art vendors. St. Louis Cathedral is the best place for photos that paint the picture of your trip to New Orleans. It is the oldest, continuously active cathedral in the United States. St. Louis Cathedral is open to the public, so on your visit, look inside at the stained glass and painted ceilings.
  • The Singing Oak Stop by this beautiful oak tree planted in the middle of City Park that not only provides you with a break from the Louisiana sun, but also rings out the pentatonic scale. It’s a great way to relax as you stroll through the park or a fun pit stop if you’re in the area after visiting the New Orleans Museum of Art.


Grab a Bite

  • Acme Oyster House New Orleans is without a doubt a great city for anyone who loves food. You can find authentic Cajun food with fresh crawfish and oysters from the Mississippi River that runs through the city. Acme Oyster House is a well-known, historic restaurant that’s been around since 1910, so you know it’s good.
  • Café Beignet What is a trip to New Orleans without beignets (pronounced ben-yay)? It’s the perfect fried breakfast treat topped with a mountain of powdered sugar that is the staple of a New Orleans breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Located on Bourbon Street, Café Beignet features live music and hot coffee anytime of the day, or at least until midnight.


What are you waiting for? Book your flight today on, and visit New Orleans The Southwest Way. And be sure to tune in to the Southwest Destinations Custom TV Channel onboard your next WiFi-equipped flight to see the places featured in this post!