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Did 'w00t' Sum Up Your 2007?

Adventurer C
I love learning new words and any "fun" twists that make conversation interesting. According to the Merriam-Webster online poll, the winner of 20 terms that best summed up 2007 was "W00t". Now apart from being the name of my favorite web site, besides :), it is defined as " a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness or triumph". One word though? In the past, when we'd receive a memo from Herb Kelleher, I'd often find myself with the dictionary to translate several terms. I loved this. So, in the spirit of Herb and my personal learnings from 2007, here are a few "words of the day" to sum up my 2007. I started the year joining the gym because my body was falling into desuetude after quite some time of poor eating habits and no regular exercise. It took a while for me to cotton to the new exercise routine. Another 2007 goal included a desire to learn new things and expand my horizons. After several guitar lessons, my lack of rhythm and sporadic practice left me as a guitarist manqué. I will not be a fungible guitarist, even for the Ramones. However, I was able to confabulate with the kids in the lobby of the music store before my lessons. The Jacuzzi had a lenitive effect on my body after a couple of attempts with a surf board on my San Diego vacation. Alas, my surfing dreams were only a fata morgana. A week at a beach did do wonders to mollify stress and a long summer of Phoenix heat. Stella, an Airedale puppy, joined our family in October. I had forgotten how rambunctious puppies can be. After a few weeks, we found Stella's constant energy to have a soporific effect on us. Her escapades are entertaining and have made me laugh. So looking back, I guess I have triumphed and have enjoyed a lot of happiness. It was a very 'w00t' year! Was yours?
Aviator C
Jill I drank some woot beer this year. Blog Boy
Frequent Flyer C
Sweet! Corporate Editor and manager of customer communication and a kind of guy ;-) Ding! boy joe! who is never very productive while sleeping.
Explorer C
I am finishing up a book (Nuts! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success)on Southwest Airlines that I started reading to get material for a paper on management. I am incredibly impressed by the philosophy represented by Herb, Colleen and the Southwest family. My 2007 has been spent working on my degree in Business Management and working full time at a Fortune 100 company. However, if Southwest is still the company that the book written in 1996 represents, I can't wait to read more about them. What a fascinating company and culture!!
Explorer B
Can someone tell me the origin of the Internet slang, 'pwned?' I see it as a simple synonym for the word 'owned' (as in, 'He got owned on that play'). But I'm not getting the big deal over the simple exchange of the letter 'o' for the letter 'p.' The people who use the new vernacular see themselves as 'cool.' I'll replace the 'c' with an 'f' on that score.
Explorer C
According to pwned Etymology Started from a map maker for an RTS (Real Time Strategy game),named Warcraft 3, that had a message pop up when you died. His intentions were to have it say "you have been owned" but insted he accidentally wrote "you have been pwned" and from there it stuck.
Explorer C
I have flown 244 segments with SWA since 1/1/06 till the present. However, seeing the new Freedom frequent flyer ticket rule that takes 2 frequent flyer ticket to get 1 frequent flyer trip has now changed my thinking about SWA. Prior to 2006, I was a chairmans member in 2005 with America West/US Air. All of my travel is business related and most always at the full fare. America West had the audacity to have me pay for two frequent flyers tickets that I cancelled within three hours of making the reservation to get the mileage returned to my account. Now the major airline marketing geniuses have landed at SWA and come up with the wonderful Freedom frequent flyer program! Unfortunately, for the anti-Herb types operating SWA now, I will be moving my flying around. I am certain that my business as one simple passenger it is insignificant. I really enjoyed the simple service and the easy frequent flyer tickets. When SWA now operates like US Air, it is time to look at all the airlines through rose colored glasses!
Explorer C
I have the perfect "Wanna get away?" commercial idea for you. There was a bowl game the other day where the ball boy stepped onto the field to get the ball, little realizing that it was still in play. So instead of a recovery by his team, the refs called a penalty which resulted in the team that had caughed up the ball to retain possession. They went on to score a touchdown on that possession. The TV cameras kept showing the ball boy on the sidelines who obviously felt awful about what he did and wished that he could just be invisible. The pain and embarrassment was written all over his face. As it turned out, his team won the bowl game, so I'm sure he and the football team can laugh about it now. By the way, he was the coach's step-son. Buy the rights to the video or sign the kid up to do a commercial for you. Great idea, huh! Denny Bryant
Frequent Flyer C
Greg, Rapid rewards is still the same. The freedom frequent flyer tickets are far less restrictive and have very limited blackout dates. See here for more info.
Explorer C
Explorer C
Did w00t sum up your 2007.. Amazing 🙂