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Diet Dr Pepper on a LUV Jet Near You!

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Okay, we all have products that we are crazy about...most Mac owners scoff at using a PC.  If you’re a Colgate person, you probably wouldn’t dream of using Crest.  My mother-in-law can’t live without OxyClean.   But family issues aside, my little daily joy comes in a 12 oz. can (unless it’s been a really long night, then it’s a 20 oz. bottle) of Diet Dr Pepper.

I’m apparently not the only one here at Southwest Airlines with that particular passion point.  One of my colleagues has an entire refrigerator in her office dedicated to those maroon and white cans.  And believe it or not, our very own CEO has his own Diet Dr Pepper stash as well.
So, on behalf of all of us who are fans of those no calorie, one-of-a-kind 23 flavors, I am overjoyed to announce that Diet Dr Pepper is now ONBOARD Southwest Airlines!!  Oh, and take it from experience, Diet Dr Pepper goes along great with peanuts.  
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It's a shame that you didn't do this until immediately after Dr Pepper/Snapple decided to destroy part of Texas' legacy in the heritage of Dublin Dr Pepper. Huge numbers of people are participating in a total boycott of all Dr Pepper products, and I fear your addition will be very poorly received.
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One should be aware of the unhealthy affects of diet the ingredients...phosphoric acid for one...In my world, soda & diet soda=cancer, including pancreatic!!! I stay away!!!