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DishTripTM and Southwest Present One-Day Whirlwind Food Adventures!

Explorer B
My name is Mary, and I'm a Philly-based food writer who, like many of you, loves to eat and loves to travel. I am so excited to be sharing with you, my fellow Southwest Airlines fans, our new project, DishTrip. We're taking foodie travel to a whole new level on our recent and upcoming food adventures. On DishTrip you can follow along with me and my team of food-loving techies—Jay, the video guy, Gary, the audio dude, and Danielle, the social media expert—as we visit a new city each month and explore the best eats of the city in ONE day. Some of the Dish Trip crew at their first stop Pamela's P&G Diner in PIttsburgh, PA. Jay, Mary, and Danielle meet up with Mary's Sister-in-law and niece to start their day of eating with Breakfast! We are real people on a real trip, meeting with local foodie writers and reporting back as we go about the regional flavors and unique restaurant experiences we find. It's not easy finding all the best food in just one day, but we are on a mission to experience all that we can. We post live location updates, photos, tweets, and mini videos during our DishTrip travel days. If you aren't able to follow along the day of our trip, we put together a video of the entire experience and post it on along with a map and description of each place we went so that you can check them out for yourself when you travel. Mary, Danielle, and Jay with local Pittsburgh foodie, Sylvia, of Bits and Bites Pittsburgh Food Tours, in the The Strip District in Pittsburgh.  When the DishTrip crew hits a new destination, we don't come empty-handed. Our favorite local brewery, Victory Brewing Company, provides some generous beer gifts so that people we meet along the way get a taste of Philly love.  We also give hugs.   Sage Hospitality, DishTrip's exclusive accommodation host, also allows us to showcase their gorgeous properties in each city and provides a fabulous and comfortable spot where we can rest our full bellies and sore feet. It's definitely appreciated at the end of a marathon DishTrip day. Dish Trippers Mary and Danielle fill up with some smoothies at the Philadelphia Airport before their latest Pittsburgh Dish Trip. We think food and travel go hand-in-hand. I hope DishTrip inspires some of you to follow your love of food to new places and fabulous adventures. Whether you’re in town for business, vacationing, or sitting at your desk wishing you were somewhere else, you're only a step away from your own DishTrip.   I want to personally invite you to travel along with us. Visit for live location updates, extended videos, blog recap, bonus outtakes, travel buzz, and a do-it-yourself scavenger hunt. Become a fan of Dish Trip and follow us live on Twitter @dishtrip and on Facebook from the comfort of your desk. And, of course, look for our updated blog posts right here on the Southwest Airlines blog,   Pack your appetites; it's gonna be a blast!