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Diving Deep with The Outbound Life: Explore Nassau, Bahamas, with Adventure Filmmakers


In partnership with Southwest and Discovery’s Shark Week, adventure filmmakers and brothers Kody and Kyler McCormick of The Outbound Life visited the Bahamas to learn more about the country and explore the different sights and activities it has to offer.



It was their first time to visit Nassau, but Kody and Kyler jumped right in to explore. Their first tip: rent a four-by-four to cover a lot of terrain in a short amount of time and make the most of your trip. They also met a local who recommended that they try a taste of the Bahamas cuisine.


Here are a few other highlights from their trip:


  • Queen Anne’s Staircase: This sight is truly spectacular. Built between 1793 and 1794, this landmark features 65 steps that lead from the bottom to the top. Fun fact: the staircase used to have 66 steps, but the bottom step disappeared when the lower landing was paved.
  • The Water Tower: This tower is the tallest structure on Nassau and was built in 1928. While the tower is closed, it’s great historical site to explore while in Nassau.
  • Global Travel, Tours, and Excursions: Kody and Kyler of The Outbound life took in the other islands of the Bahamas, as well. Through this excursion company, the guys ventured out to Exuma, where they swam with pigs, experienced iguanas up close, swam in the crystal blue water, and enjoyed a shark swimming experience.




While Kody and Kyler had a great time exploring Nassau, there was one highlight in particular for their trip: a diving excursion with Stuart Cove’s. Stuart Cove’s offers a variety of diving experiences, and Kody and Kyler went snorkeling with a crew to swim with sharks. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Sharks calmly swam all around them as they snorkeled in the water and observed the beautiful marine life.


The Outbound Life guys are sure to return to Nassau to enjoy this wonderful destination. We hope you’re inspired by their video highlighting their trip!

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