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Do You Have a Southwest Story?

Frequent Flyer C

A few weeks ago, we announced that we would be joining forces with the TLC network to produce a new series giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at modern air travel.   The show is slated to appear in spring 2012.  We’ve already started taping in Baltimore and Denver, so if you are passing through those airports be on the lookout for camera crews capturing footage of our Employees hard at work and our Customers traveling!

If you are not traveling through Denver or Baltimore anytime soon, we are still interested in hearing your stories of why you are flying Southwest.  We’ll have another camera crew on staff to shoot Southwest stories from around the system.  This crew will actually travel with selected Customers to film their experiences. 

Maybe you are going on a girls' trip to Vegas, or headed to meet your long lost high school sweetheart in Chicago.  Wherever the skies may take you over the next few months, please consider if you’d like a camera crew to follow along with you to capture the memory and share it with a television audience!

You can tell us your story here:

Just follow all the steps provided on the web site, and a representative will be in touch if your story is selected to be filmed.