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Do You Have a Southwest Story?

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A few weeks ago, we announced that we would be joining forces with the TLC network to produce a new series giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at modern air travel.   The show is slated to appear in spring 2012.  We’ve already started taping in Baltimore and Denver, so if you are passing through those airports be on the lookout for camera crews capturing footage of our Employees hard at work and our Customers traveling!

If you are not traveling through Denver or Baltimore anytime soon, we are still interested in hearing your stories of why you are flying Southwest.  We’ll have another camera crew on staff to shoot Southwest stories from around the system.  This crew will actually travel with selected Customers to film their experiences. 

Maybe you are going on a girls' trip to Vegas, or headed to meet your long lost high school sweetheart in Chicago.  Wherever the skies may take you over the next few months, please consider if you’d like a camera crew to follow along with you to capture the memory and share it with a television audience!

You can tell us your story here:

Just follow all the steps provided on the web site, and a representative will be in touch if your story is selected to be filmed.  


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Southwest is, by far, my favorite airline. What great employees. Moved my daughter across the US. Moving company didn't show up near on time. Had to change my flight at least 3 times. Ended up with a credit. Any other airline I'd have had to pay at least $450 just to change! Expand, expand, expand! Never want to have to fly any other airline!
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I always fly Southwest, its really the best airline. Now I only been flying for 4 years since my niece moved to Bham Ala. I go for the birthdays of her children. Last year in November I was flying back home to New Orleans and I had 15 little candles in my suit case. They were on sale for $1.00 at Walmart a great little present for the ladies I know. But of course they beeped going through so the gentleman was so very nice, just told me that he had to check my suitcase and just stand to the side. He asked the assistant to help him smell the candles, which she said why did I buy so many? Well they were cheap, so they are smelling them and asked me where I got them, he wanted to know which Walmart. I had to call my niece and tell her they were smelling my candles, after she stopped laughing which took awhile she told me. He wanted to know just to go get some himself. I really didn`t mind all the commotion because they were looking after safety for everyone and thats fine. I t just gave everyone a good laugh. Now when I fly I don`t care how cheap candles are I will buy them whem I get home. Love you Southwest.
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I am flying this holiday with my Two adult disabled sons, we are going to Utah To spend Christmas with my sister and her family, my Niece just had he first Baby in October and we are dying to meet him. When I fly with my sons the fight Attendance are very accomodating, and helpful seeing that we need a wheelchair And a little patients from all. Can't wait!!!!
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My mom never flew SW and when I told her she was booked on a SW flight to come down to visit she was not happy with me. Once she saw how well things worked and how friendly everyone is she was quite happy. She just thought that the attendance on board were great when they sang to everyone. She also needs a wheel chair and with the boarding she was not sure how that was going to work and it just went as smooth and glass. Now when she flies any where she wants to be on SW. Thanks SW for taking care of my Mom.
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My mother is 91 years old and has never flown before. We were down in Florida and she decided to fly back to Long Island with my sister. Everyone was so nervous about her flying but she LOVED IT! Now she wants to come to Chicago to visit me! Thanks, Southwest for making her first flight so great!
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The only time that I have ever flown was to Alburqurque, NM, and I flew Southwest. What wonderful people!! They allowed me to board early because I was so frightened! My husband and I have quite a disparity in heights as I am 5' and he is 6'7" but they led us to the area of the plane that would accomodate both of us with comfort. Best of all was at the end of the flight, the whole plane gave me a standing ovation that I had made this journey and the flight crew gave me a set of wings to pin on my shirt.! This may be standard procedure but it was major comfort to me. YAY, Southwest Airlines!!