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Does Southwest Place Billboards in Foreign Countries?

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The short answer to that question: kind of!  

In what must be a first for Southwest Airlines, our logo (airplane over .com) is currently being displayed to drivers alongside major roadways in Guadalajara, Morelia and Zacatecas Mexico (all in central Mexico). Of course these are billboards placed by our partner carrier Volaris but they are promoting Southwest destinations and one even calls out SWA destinations Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Llega  mas lejos translates as “going further.”

Billboard 1

And Te llevamos a mas de 50 destinos translates as “We take you to more than 50 destinations.”

Billboard 2

This one, “De aqui palla y aculla” is commonly used slang in Mexico which means “from here to there and anywhere” or “to jump from one place to another” conveying the message of going everywhere.

Billboard 3

As a relatively young company, Volaris believes strongly in this broad type of advertising and always conveys a sense of style and fun. The Southwest logo is occupying space that normally isn’t used on Volaris billboards so it should be getting noticed. The reason for this latest channel of communication is that in early April, actually added Southwest cities to its selection options in order to drive their Customers to our International Connect booking tool. Traffic to the booking tool has seen strong growth as a result. So, this is a reminder….Southwest is becoming more of an International carrier every day!

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Thanks mate... just dropped by.!!!!! Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.!!!!!