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Drum Roll, Please...

Adventurer C
 It's time again for our annual Heroes of the Heart celebration, which is an event at Southwest Headquarters each Valentine's Day to honor a hardworking behind-the-scenes group of Employees.  The nominations have been reviewed; the committee has voted; and the suspense has been building!  Who will the deserving winners be this year?  We will soon find out!  Past winners of this coveted award include: 2007: Internal Customer Care 2006: Legislative Awareness 2005: Schedule Planning 2004: People Benefits 2003: Fuel Management 2002: Finance Payroll 2001: Pass Bureau 2000: Revenue Management & Pricing 1999: Maintenance Control 1998: Systems 1997: Reservations Administrative Coordinators 1996: Customer Service Coordinators & FLIFO Agents 1995: Flight Ops & Inflight Planning, Scheduling, & Payroll 1994: Technical Services 1993: Station Administrative Coordinators As you have probably learned, Southwest Airlines Employees LUV a reason to celebrate, and it is only fitting that Valentine's Day is a monumental occasion for the LUV Airline.  If you're flying on Valentine's Day, you're sure to feel the LUV on our flights and at our airports across the nation.  After all, what better way to show our appreciation for our Customers than with a little help from Cupid?  Happy Valentine's Day!  
Explorer C
Congrats to past Hero's of the Heart... I was a part of Systems when we won in 1998 (still have my coveted black jacket too). Few can beat Southwest Airlines when it comes to recognizing it's employees. Still miss u guys. LUV, Michael Washington, DC
Frequent Flyer B
Congratulations to all! That's great! Please post this year's winner! By the way, what does FLIFO stand for? "At Home Depot, you can do it. We can help." SWA LUV! 🙂
Aviator C
Leah FLIFO stands for Flight Information. It is a small group of Employees who tracks our flight times. Brian
Adventurer B
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a blog team win. 🙂
Frequent Flyer B
Oh, I see! That makes sense. Thanks, Blog Boy! :) "I'm thinking Arby's". SWA LUV! 🙂
Frequent Flyer C
Leah, I worked there for 8 years and never once had a cowboy hat appear on my head. I must have done something wrong! Would you like an apple or cherry turnover for dessert? Ding! boy roast beef joe!
Adventurer B
Oh, surely not, Ding! Boy Joe. I'd LUV a cherry turnover, please! Thanks! 🙂 I'll exercise again tonight. I remember reading about Heroes of the Heart in my book, Nuts! Thought for the day: Why is it called chili when it's hot food? :) SWA LUV!