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Dueling Football Posts

Aviator C
As you can tell from the following two posts, football season has begun.  Of course, Southwest is a Proud Sponsor of the NFL, and we can't wait to root our favorite teams to the Super Bowl.  The college teams are at it too, and unlike the NFL where loyalties have more to do with cities, college football has a much more personal appeal because of our loyalty to the ol' alma mater. Both Angela and Jill wrote about this, without each other's knowledge.  As the guy who first reviews the bloggers' posts, I was faced with a dilemma.  How do I tell two beautiful, witty, intelligent women that I can only run one post?  Well, momma didn't raise no dummy.  I will let the posts duel it out, instead. And by the way, Angela, I reluctantly follow Conference USA. I miss the old Southwest Conference where my SMU Mustangs would occasionally gig the Aggies and dehorn the Longhorns.  It didn't happen often, but it was divine when it did.  And, honestly Angela, you wouldn't have much luck seeing Gary, our CEO, because Gillian, his Executive Assistant, is a fellow Mustang, and our Vice President-General Counsel, Debby Ackerman, also a fellow Mustang, could bring legal action to outlaw Aggie T-shirts.