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E-mail Voodoo

Adventurer C
 I received one of those e-mails today that plainly states some have met an untimely death if they ignored this e-mail.   Should I hex a friend?    I was not going to perpetuate this but I did send the following "reply all". I want to tell all of my friends receiving this e-mail that I love them! Apparently I may die today as I am not going to worry others with a dire prediction of what might happen if they don't read and forward this poem. No, my conscience won't let me. I've had a good life. My Pink Ladies (Flight Attendant cruise group) have added immeasurably to it! I would like to be buried in my pink boa and nothing else. You may as well have something to talk about afterward. Someone make sure I have a smudge of chocolate on my lip. My organs are worn out, but my teeth may be useful to someone. Ask that person to smile a lot! I request to be buried in a pine coffin unless they have something on sale you think I would like. I don't want the concrete liner - I can swim. Music? I prefer the Eagles. When the minister says, "If Carole was here today, she might say..." - don't believe him. Nobody knows what I'm going to say; sometimes even I don't know. If you can beat my kids to my house (you will recognize them by the U-Hauls behind their cars) you may choose a remembrance! And if you ever run into Steven Gray, my first grade crush, tell him I loved him. If you see David Miller, my 8th grade boyfriend, tell him I loved him. Heck, tell them ALL I loved them. I didn't, but it might make them feel good! My epitaph? "She was fun while she lasted!" Live well my friends and be careful - someone may take you seriously!