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EWR Rampers—Jersey Style!

Frequent Flyer B
When Southwest (and I assume other airlines) opens a new city, we often send an airplane with some people to get both the airplane and the people to the new city. The people being moved might be people from Communication to deal with media in that new city, a Flight Crew to fly the plane the next day, someone from Fuel Management to coordinate fuel stuff, or maybe a videographer—that’s where I came in. And of course the plane has to get there too so that there is a plane for the next day to whisk our Customers and their free bags away on the first day of service. A flight like this is called a Ferry Flight and on our most recent flight from DAL to EWR, we had a group of recently-trained Ramp Agents. This group did not make up all of the Rampers in EWR, but it was all of the New Hires from New Jersey. Being the nails-tough journalist that I am, I included a question about how they feel when New Jersey is depicted on shows like The Housewives of New Jersey, or The Jersey Shore—their response? Well check it out.